Charlize Theron

It may not come as a surprise to the majority of you that Charlize Theron started out originally as a model prior to her acting career. Her pursuit of a possible acting career was quite an arduous road, however we welcome her on screen as the endearing sweetheart she is.

The Beginning

Born in August 1975 from Benoni, Gauteng in South Africa, Charlize Theron dreamed of a career in ballet. She learnt ballet in her youth and participated in many ballet performances such as "Swan Lake" and the "Nutcracker Suite". However sometime after, they moved to Europe and America in search of work and a better living as the prospects and opportunities would be better for Charlize and her family. When they lived in New York for a time, Charlize injured her knee whilst doing ballet at Joffreys Ballet and this put her dancing on standby.

Her mother was the main reason for her acting as she convinced her to go to Los Angeles to try to pursue this. Knowing nobody, she travelled to Hollywood hoping that she could break into the acting industry and just by chance or luck, an agent handed her his card and following eight months, she obtained her first role in a B-film in 1995 and has developed her acting career from that moment. Her most notable film is that of "The Devils Advocate" in 1997.


Charlize Theron has had a long lasting and stable relationship with Stuart Townsend from Dublin in Ireland. However after a nine year romance they broke up in 2010 and since then her love life has been somewhat private and away from the public eye. In her own words "they became more like brother and sister" and from this she decided it was time to go their separate ways. However there is still time yet for a family life for Charlize.


Her trade mark will be her laugh,her smile, her blonde hair and green eyes. Charlize Theron will always be a mystery in the world of acting and show business, however this is how we like it.

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